Arrival of New Products from Detroit Grooming Co.


Motor City mayhem runs amok at The Panic Room today as we proudly announce the arrival of a new batch of grooming products straight from Detroit Grooming Co. You know how little kids get overly-excited when they receive new toys? Yeah, we witnessed that as the exuberant Panic Squad bounced with excitement while waiting for the new products to arrive today.

Detroit Grooming Co. envisions itself as the card dealers of handsome for the modern man. Initially, the company set off on an ambitious quest to locate the crème de la crème grooming products. However, after wandering around and bashing through the white noise of crappy products in the market today, they eventually made the best decisions of their lives by choosing to make their own products. Swift like ninjas, they have expanded their product line with agility, covering numerous areas such as styling, shaving, facial care, and hair care in a relatively short amount of time. For the tree huggers, you’ll also be delighted to know that even though they only make use of the best ingredients, they make it a point to ensure that their products shy away from anything endangered.

Beard Oils


When it comes to beard oils, these guys probably have their hands full from all the compliments being piled on them by their customers. Their broad range of beard oils have been somewhat evangelical in nature, converting faithful users of other bigger, renowned brands over to their own in true wololo fashion. Available in different scents, these bad boys are loaded with sweet almond oil which help to tame the wild, stubborn hairs while moisturising and soothing your skin at the same time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Corktown, Downtown, Belle Isle, Cedar Springs, Orchard Lake, or Mackinac kind of guy because all of those roads eventually lead to Handsomeville.

Beard Cleansers


I’m not going to lie — I thought Beard Poo was a dubious name for a beard cleanser of all things. Despite having a questionable name, Beard Poo does not actually make your beard smell like shit. No, really. In fact, it excels far better at doing the exact opposite! The beard cleanser has an interesting scent that is a blend of Mahogany Teak-wood and Vanilla, giving off a phenomenal smell that’s sure to take your A game to a whole different level. On top of a great scent, the beard wash also comes with nutrient-rich ingredients such as sea kelp, aloe vera and witch hazel that makes your beard float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Shave Soaps


We get it. Sometimes you can get lonely and frustrated while you are focused on pulling off a Picasso on your beard. Well, these guys are the perfect companion for inspiration and brightening up your shave day. The shave soaps from Detroit Grooming Co. are 100% vegetable-based bars that are designed to moisturize and cleanse without drying or irritating, making them perfect for people with sensitive skin. They are currently available in four heavenly scents – TeakettleMochaLavender W/ Shea Butter & Soothing SoyHimalaya W/ Shea Butter & Soothing Soy. Just do it! Pick your puck of shave soap today and be the Picasso you were born to be and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Shave Gels & Aftershave Lotions



Detroit Grooming Co. only had one aim when they came up with their shave gels and aftershave lotions – to revitalise and rejuvenate. Both the Tea tree and Manistee scents are trained to deliver a well-executed superkick at the speed of smell once you open them up. You have been warned. All in all, both products and scents will allow you to conclude your shave feeling thoroughly refreshed and raring to suplex a mountain.

Shave Sets


For the smart people who wish to save some moolah, Detroit Grooming Co. currently provide some pre-constructed shave sets that might interest you. The shave sets contains the basic shaving essentials such as shave soap, shave gels and aftershave lotions. However, the X factor would probably have to be the Fatty Safety Razor and ‘Cass’ Safety Razor located in the Fatty Shave Set and the King of The Castle Shave Set respectively. These razors are all about practicality and getting that close shave that you so desire. No frills, no nonsense and definitely no pretentious baggage to weigh its potential down. With simple and effective products like these, it’s no wonder Detroit Grooming Co. is quickly gaining traction in the shaving hardware scene.

Don’t let yourself experience disappointment and frustration when all the products go out of stock. Get smart and invest in some of Detroit Grooming Co.‘s crème de la crème right now!

Currently, the products are website-exclusive and can only be purchased from The Panic Room’s webpage. You can see the full range of Detroit Grooming Co. that we stock over here.