Introducing: Blind Barber Products

Introducing the newest addition to our family of brands – Blind Barber Products!

Hailing from the U.S, Blind Barber’s extensive range includes pomades, facial grooming and even scented candles- truly a company with vision, we say!

60 proof Hair Wax 

A mediumweight pomade for that weightless look- easy application and styles like a dream. The 60 proof hair wax is for those who desire a relaxed, run-fingers-through hair look.

90 proof Hair Pomade

Award-winning firm hold pomade with a matte finish; providing optimum texture and pliability while delivering reliable hold!

Watermint Gin Shaving Cream

Introducing the Blind Barber Watermint Gin Shave Cream – scourge of unplanned razor burns and petty cuts; protector of sensitive skins and all-round shaving champion. Serving as a snug protective layer between your skin and the razor, this cream facilitates a smooth shaving experience, with a knockout smell of course.

Watermin Gin Aftershave Soother

Working both as an aftershave and a toner, this product soothes the skin and closes the pores, slowing the growth rate of facial hair (if that’s your thing!) as well as keeping the area supple and smooth.

The “Tompkins” Scented Candle

Always loved the smell of barbershops? This scented candle was made for you in mind.

With hynoptic notes of lavender, honey, leather and smoke, these scents were considered due to their special connections to barbershops. Get this as a gift for your dad to reminisce them good ol’ days or friends who like their frequent snips but can’t bear to leave the barbershop.

Get your Blind Barber products here or at 311A Geylang Rd!