Is Donning The Beard Still Trendy?

Beards give guys the opportunity to express themselves and to “accessorize” in ways unique to them. Growing a beard is a statement regarding who they are and how they wish to be perceived by other people. However, you may be wondering; Is the beard still hot, or is it going out of style? Are guys gonna go back to stubbly or a clean-shaven look? What does the future have in store for beards?

The popularity of the beard

People have been saying beards are dying since 2013. Indeed, a search for “how to grow beard” in Google Trends shows that while the peak has passed, it’s nowhere close to dying out. Fast forward to 4 years later and I see quite a lot of bearded chins still (hail the bloody television show!). With Movember not so far away, more men will be looking forward to the timely occasion to grow out their beards.

What’s clear is that trends in beards come and go and that there are quite a lot of individuals—both guys and gals—that are taking interest in this topic. Some guys ignore them totally and make decisions on a whim, while others enjoy staying up-to-date, particularly if they work in a field where professionalism is the first priority and foremost. Bearded guys are also more sought after by girls due to perceived maturity and wisdom. After all, sporting a great-looking beard requires quite a commitment and effort.

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The trend of beards in recent years

There is a very large range of facial hair that guys, especially younger guys are wearing today—whether it’s a full, luxurious beard, or a few days worth of scruff. But it appears that the scruffy, unkempt beards that have been popular the last few seasons are no longer popular. A proper, groomed-and-trimmed beard are more the look now. This is definitely good news for people who have difficulties growing a full blown on beard.

Other alternatives to growing beard?

Sexy, confident, mature, carefree and mysterious—the beard is a terrific choice. But first and foremost, it depends on whether you have the ability to grow your beard; secondly, if you have the ability to care for it; and finally, if it does not unnecessarily restrict your personal and professional opportunities.

If your options are more limited, there are still alternative, relevant and trendy means of expressing yourself in terms of facial hair. Intelligent, groomed long stubble, or “scruff”, is in style as well. Just be sure to trim frequently and keep it neat and clean.

There is a growing trend of men’s personal care products that it would be a sin not to make use of them. Just look at these suite men’s grooming products from Detroit Grooming and other beard products that we’ve reviewed individually such as the VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula from our reviews section.

Final Thoughts

Beards—although they may cycle in and out of fashion every now and then—also happen to still be in style. Beard grooming is going to be a prevalent part of the future of facial hair, and you want to use products that are especially designed for that to achieve the best looks.

Bottom line is, growing a beard or other facial hairs will allow you to better express yourself, and match them to your personality and fashion selections. Every gentleman would do well to keep up with the latest trend in facial hair grooming.