Mini Reviews: Parker Straight Razors

Who is Parker?

Anyone who discovered the joy of straight razor shaving knows that Parker is one of the leaders in this industry. They are a family run business that was established in 1973, and they are quite proud of their heritage. The company has upheld the highest standards of production, subjecting them to extensive engineering and quality testing. This is evident in their high-quality shaving products such as razors, brushes, soap and shaving bowls.

Why Parker Straight Razors?

Parker offers an unparalleled line of straight razors. These beautifully-designed razors provide luxury shaves with an instrument that mimics a traditional straight razor. The difference being that the blades can be changed, just like a safety razor. This means there never is any sharpening or stropping required. Just pick your favorite double edge blade, snap it in half, put it in the razor and you’re off!

Note: In this article, we’ll be referring to these Parker razors as straight razors since that’s how the producer called them. If you’ve read our article about razor types, you’ll know that they fall into ‘disposable straight razors’ or ‘shavettes’ subcategory because these products feature replaceable blades.

Which one to Get?

Every part of a Parker straight razor is also created and assembled in the United States—from start to finish—by an expert craftsman. At the time of this review, there are 6 items in their straight edge razors range, and most of them sitting in the affordable range from $26 to $33.

Type Picture Price Summary
31R  parker-31r SGD 33 The Parker 31R keeps everything straightforward. The handle is made of sturdy stainless steel, curved nicely to fit well in the shaver’s hand. It has a rounded edge that helps prevent accidental cuts and makes it surprisingly easy to use.
33R  parker-33r SGD 26 The Parker 33R is a close cousin to the 31R. The secure snap/lock-in-place blade and affordable price makes them ideal for someone who enjoys travelling and wants to leave their fixed blade razor at home.
34R  parker-34r SGD 26 Also pretty similar to the ones above, this is a good straight edge for the more experienced wet-shaver, or those looking to graduate from double-edged razors.
PTB (Push-Type Barber)  parker-ptb SGD 29 For those who don’t like the Parker snap/lock blade holding system, the PTB with push blade load may be worth a try. This no-frills shavette is not a showpiece and the construction is a little rough around the edges, but it is designed for a professional barbershop—meaning it shaves well and that’s all that should matter.
PTW White  parker-ptw-white SGD 29 Traditionalists will delight in knowing that Parker offers the PTB Shavette Barber Razor with a luxurious white handle. The stainless steel, professional-grade blade arm is unparalleled in quality and longevity. This razor is designed with a stainless steel insert, making blade loading and removal as easy as possible.
SRX  parker-srx SGD 46 Parker SRX is a brilliant rendition of the classic SR1. The full-sterling scales are complemented by bronze bolsters, while a delicate Parker brand signature and cross arrow engraving complete the look. The blade guard is made of first-class stainless steel, granting this razor a balanced seat in your grasp, as well as outstanding durability.


Newcomers to the world of straight razor shaving cannot go wrong with selecting a shaving blade from any of their lines. Parker straight razors are great for those who want the sharpest shave every time, or professionals who need to constantly change out blades between customers.

If you don’t like the snap-and-lock mechanism found in the SR series, you can go with either PTB or PTW with push-in holding system. Parker’s leather case should also be on any traveller’s radar. Meanwhile, the SRX would be a great addition to your personal exquisite shaver collection.