New Combs IN!

tbtf bixby

Introducing two new lines of awesome combs that have just reached the gritty gravels of Geylang:

Bixby Combs and TB|TF combs!

Hailing from California, Bixby Combs are made from Zyl, (cellulose acetate) a cured organic resin derived from pulverized cotton and tree fibers valued for its soft natural feel and brilliant hues. Handmade from their finest craftsmen, the contours are lovingly shaped and moulded, and the result is a beautiful piece of work that goes in smooth on the hair with a similarly organic uniformity- perfect for those pristine sheens on those neat side-parts.

TB|TF (This Bear, That Forest) combs are also masterfully handcrafted from select pieces of wood and plastic. The result- a beautiful matte finish with visible grain- giving each comb its unique identity. The jumbo-sized teeth are great for stubborn, rough hair and better for textured sweeps and styles.

So there you have it – different looks, different finishes, different functions for different combs. Grab yours now before FINISH!

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