Nippon Girls 2 (Album review)

Don’t say we ask you to look at this album because she’s there staring at you even when you never shower. Clad in that wave of psychedelia, effortlessly egging you to soak in her wave.
Without a doubt the Japanese are never afraid to be rebelliously loud and vivid in their sense of fashion and of course, MUSIC. Not even being in a society known for their rigid adherence to traditional rules stop them from sparking a revolution. And yes the era was heavily westernized, but when we say it’s IT means this is it. Can be nowhere else but the freaks from the land of the rising sun.
These hip-shaking Nippon girls that crashed through walls of nitpickers with their go-go and ye-ye attitude, twangy fuzzy guitars and bossafreak-beat percussions, it’s no surprise that they exploded and became a cult worshipped around the world for their experimental approach in psych music.
 Nippon-Girls-72dpi Nippon-Girls-2-72dpi