Post #diskojahat (12 November 2016)


Talk is cheap, but not for The Barbershop Music. Our very first edition of #DISKOJAHAT (Naughty Disco) rocked 311A Geylang Rd like a scorpian-hurricane, literally getai-disco music by Singapore’s very own supergroups The Guilt and The Rejeks, who shared the same stage at Baybeats 2011. Kicked off at 9pm (8pm Malay timing),  everyone had his or her happy endings. Haa!



We were stoked to have The Guilt to kickstart our first #diskojahat. The slim shadies of the Singapore underground. They were rocking the red light district like how gamers be having a zombie massacre in a lan gaming shop! Be very afraid and wet. ‘Shanice’ is our personal favourite, it just reminds us of Jimi Hendrix. Go check out their tracks including ‘1234’, ‘Delilah’ and ‘’Your Luv is a Peach Blossom’ on their page or here, their sweet getai rock and roll tunes that will bring you back to old Geylang days.

The Guilt are a great band that will get you on your feet no matter whether you are shy, old, not the dancing sort, or injured. We were all singing our hearts out, and this is what I love about this band, their simple yet heartfelt lyrics and catchy tunes just stick in your head. Malay say, honest music.



After 3 years plus of hiatus, the original members of psychedelic/funk/disco (all they want to pakaliao) terror trio The Rejeks, are back to the jamming studio and playing gigs. Best known for their love of experimenting with unique sounds, they are made up of childhood friends from the same neighbourhood/school. Line-up remains the same, but they had lesser hair, compared to few years ago hehe. Extended jams before/after songs, improvisation, off beat guitar playing, straight-up- to-the-point drumming and bass.

Trio the Rejeks will get you moving with their funky yet speedy tunes, set to getting crowds hearts beating to the beat of the music. If you like to dance, the Rejeks are for you.

Thank you everyone and good to see new faces who came and supported the event, enjoying Tequila Flavoured Beer Desperados. Thank you our official beer sponsor Desperados for the cartons and cartons of beer!

More pictures available here. Check out our youtube channel for their performance!!