purepump by DoVitamin.


1st time on pure pump, I went on with normal water as mixer and realised the taste was horrible. upon finishing the 2 scoops dosage and 5 – 10 minutes after I managed to get tremendous amount of focused throughout the whole workout(1.5 hours). I have an increased in endurance and stamina while working through sets pushing on slightly heavier than what I usually lift and ended with a cardio (20 minutes).

2nd time on pure pump, I went on with vitamin-water(citrus) as mixer this time around hoping to coat the after taste of purepump but sadly it didn’t. this time I tried going for the workout with lower carb and sugar intake I had 1 scoop of rolled oats instead of 1.5 scoop of rolled oats and a banana and three eggs. I realised my body didn’t push on as well as the other day but I still managed to get the amount of endurance and stamina working with the same weights as before through the 1.5 hours and 20 minute cardio. the workout is spaced 4 days apart to Ensure full recovery before testing out the 2nd time.

3rd time on pure pump, I went on with Kopi-O kosong aka Coffee Black no sugar, surprisingly this was the best mixer among the three because the aroma and bitterness of the Kopi coated the aftertaste of purepump perfectly and I got bonus hype and pump when I used Coffee as the caffeine boosted this rush that I had, I carried on with my workout but this time I did a 1.5 hours lower body(my weakest) workout. I pulled through and went heavier than I used to as well. I would highly recommend using kopi-o as mixer on troubled muscle groups training days!

Pros: increased in endurance, pump could last me through intense workout, concentration given is insane, takes 5 – 10 minutes to kick in, didn’t get any crashes(shivering hands, paranoia).

cons: taste horrible.