Reasons Why The Clean Shaven Look Will Never Get Old

The majority of us have differing views on beard and men. Certain feel beard is hot and attractive, while others prefer the clean-shaven look as being the hottest thing ever. Beards have been in recent times quite a rage among guys and it became the sexiest trend. Well, as it is said trends come and go, but a classic style is going to stay here forever. Believe it or not, clean shave is one of those looks that is never going to go out of style and is here to stay for the long term.

Growing a beard is simple, however maintaining it is a lot of work and not everyone is able to handle that. Only some can carry off that great shaped beard or trimmed stubble. For the rest of people, it may shortly end up being an Amazon forest. However, when it comes to a clean-shaven style, you do not have to worry about trimming or maintaining a stubble or heavy beard.

Beards can look rugged, jagged and sweet however many a times it sends out a message that “I am lazy or lousy or going through a bad time”. Not all beards though, but certain guys often tend to link their stress with their looks. If you aren’t having a great day, then one may easily figure it out simply by the way you appear, with a beard it becomes more obvious. With regards to the clean shaven look, you do not have to think about it a lot just like you don’t have to worry about what to concentrate more on – the issue or the beard.

If you like your beard, then be prepared to spend a ton of money and time in utilizing grooming kits for your beard to make it appear presentable and also maintain it in good condition. It takes much time and work to take care of your beard. For clean-shaven guys, there isn’t anything to worry about. Just style yourself and that’s it, you are good to go.

Some individuals say that a clean shave makes you appear un-manly, whereas beards make you look like a real man. While the latter may be true to a certain extent, the former is certainly not true. If this were to have been the case then Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan would not have looked so attractive at their age. A clean shave doesn’t make you look any less manly than other guys.

Beards grow naturally; you could certainly groom it however you can’t alter the way the facial hair looks on your face. Not all people can grow a full beard or stubble; few even grow a ‘soul patch’ and many a times a thin one. If you think you have this type of beard then clean shave is the right look for you.

With nearly everyone going after the bearded look, after a certain point it is going to look monotonous. Trust us guys, women may get bored of seeing men with beard and find clean shaven guys more attractive. Truthfully, if that ‘sexy’ beard look becomes very typical, then it isn’t going to appear attractive anymore. As for clean shave, you are going to get to stand out of the crowd composed of bearded guys.

Your beard may look attractive, but when it comes to kissing it might feel very itchy and women might not like the feeling. On top of that, she might end up coughing due to the fact that you did not take proper care of your beard. For a clean-shaven dude, kissing is like cake-walking.

People are going to always have differing views on what looks sexy – beard or clean shave! But we believe that clean shave is one look that can never go out of style and is always going to make women drool over it.

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