Review: Suavecita Grooming Spray

Suavecita Grooming Spray is a fast and simple way for the ladies to set and hold a difficult hair style.



  • Set spray for setting curls or extra hold
  • Long lasting
  • Adds healthy shine
  • Wild Berry scent
  • Water based – washes out with ease
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Non-Aerosol
  • Proudly made in the United States
  • Comes in an 8 oz. package



How It Works:

Do you find it difficult to make your curls stay put? Use the Suavecita Grooming Spray as your newest setting lotion! This convenient pump spray can be used to dampen your hair before pin-curling or using rollers. To use this as a setting lotion, take small sections whether it be for your roller or to set your pin-curl and spray once.

Suavecita Grooming Spray can be used on its own to dampen your hair and help set your curls. It can also be used with the fine Suavecita Pomade for extra hold. Not surprisingly, the grooming spray retains the original fragrance as the pomade that reminds you of a wild berry scent

Tips: For the best value and result, get the Chic set.

You will find that being able to use this spray first to do most of the heavy lifting of the crafting and smoothing lessens the amount of other hair products you need to use. The end result is a silky set that will last longer.

Verdict: Suavecita Grooming Spray is an efficient way for the ladies out there to set and hold a difficult hair style. Just spray in short bursts to desired location and let dry. Your hair is looking great now and nothing can bring you down.