1. What Have You Done, My Brother?



Artist: Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens
Title: What Have You Done

Naomi Shelton has been singing in churches and clubs in New York and Florida, and many were unaware of her soulful voice. Now that she’s finally found a home on the funk-soul label Daptone, there’s no reason for any of us to miss out. Daptone as we all know, the musicianship is as smooth, rich, and buttery as it gets. As ‘old-fashioined’ as it is, the perfection of this song, musically and lyrically, is nothing short of ideal for soul veteran Shelton and her Queens, as her rich, raspy tones are as sweet and authentic as the biggest legends in her field. Listen and you will know!

2. Surf Sound



Artist: Pure X
Title: A Thousand Year Old Child

Pure X’s fourth album Crawling Up The Stairs suggest that the band’s slowly emerging from their reverb-powered, dark introspection to a brighter side. This song unfolds like a healing lullaby as a gentle 12-string guitar melody strums over a swinging heartening beat, and simply sweet vocals by bassist Jesse Jenkins.

3. Bandung Rock & Roll


Artist: The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent
Title: Conundrum

Indonesian-based rock band, The Super Insurgent Group Of Intemperance Talent, heavily influenced by western rock bands. Heavy, pumping riffs, dirty growls, face-melting guitar solos, will leave our ears gloriously violated. Analog delay guitar introduction, warm punchy drum attack, and two-layered vocals, rebelling against authority and all that jazz.

4) Baggy, As It Is



Artist: The Music
Title: Take The Long Road And Walk It

Indie listener will no doubt have already come across this sensation hailing from Leeds. With their attitude-splattered baggy indie sound, bombarded with layer upon layer of sound, and with each and every listen another previously over looked feature surfaces, ready to leap out at you. Fuzzy-but-not-heavy guitar riffs are spliced over a range of percussion additives. The vocals are off-key in true Happy Monday style, yet they hold this lucrative fascination over me, that’s not to mention their rising power at certain intervals throughout. This song can only be described as epic with the sound throughout suggesting that this is a band that knows where they are going and more importantly how to get there!

5. Soul Power



Artist: Curtis Harding
Title: Heaven’s On The Other Side

Soul Power is music that honors the rich traditions of classic R&B while keeping its head and heart in the here and now, some say you can’t have it both ways, but Curtis Harding is here to show that’s a lie. Emotional and downright soulful and in his own way Harding has fittingly paid homage to the words sung by the old guards of soul, who united and continue to unite so many. Heaven’s On The Other Side is one of the most instantly likable tracks in the record.