Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Title: Encore

The Getaway is the 11th album for the LA funky monks and it’s their most mellow release to date. The typically experimental guitar player Josh Klinghoffer has turned himself back to fit into the band. He added texture to his work especially in ‘Encore’, and other songs in the record. Although it doesn’t sound like the authentic Red Hot sound that we had known, this song may be one of the sweetest sentiments, as Anthony Kiedis sings about finding himself driving down Calexico Highway and observing the little things in life. It’s amazing how the new reinvention of the Red Hot Chili Peppers makes the last reinvention so weak by comparison.




Artist: The Sugarman 3
Title: Rudy’s Intervention

Soulful, tight, and smooth. You know what to expect from Neal Sugarman and his soul-soaked funksters. Neal’s been honking his sax with Sharon Jones, Al Green, Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse and running the Daptone label together with Gab. The Sugarman 3 combines Mann and Albin rhythm section, the fried freakiness of Scone’s organ lines, and the holy holiness of the horns that blaze with beauty throughout. Like virtually all other material Daptone has released in its lifetime especially The Sugarman 3, are unpretentious, relaxed and unconcerned with niche.




Artist: Lou Rawls
Title: You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff specially wrote this piece for the late Lou Rawls in the 70s. They were the powerhouse producers behind most of what we today call the Philadelphia Sound. Impressively these producers took the time to understand his voice and write something to suit him. This laid back, mellow soul/disco tune was also a breakout hit for Rawls’s career, visiting top 10 for the first time and first multi-charts #1. His longevity and his accomplishments, both musically and socially, were among the most impressive in the Soul Music world.




Artist: Lee Fields & The Expressions
Title: You Just Can’t Win

Lee Fields and the Expressions have crafted a modern day soul masterpiece that could easily sit next to the greatest releases of the late 60s and 70s. Even though it’s mellower than his other records, Emma Jean (named after his late mother) album is mournful and authentic piece of magnificent work. Field showcases a burnished voice that quakes and quivers with the wisdom only age and experience can afford. This is more than just a stroll down memory lane since the emotions and lost love laments remain timeless, as does the sound of a man who understands his musical strengths and plays to them with class, authority and soul searching intensity.




Artist: The Atomic Bitchwax
Title: No Way Man

Brings that Nebula feeling to it, thanks to the I-don’t-need-an-excuse-to-play-a-guitar-solo attitude that shines through, but The Atomic Bitchwax really nailed it and delivered a precise vocal. In fact, as far as vocals are concerned, this is the best they have ever been, besides their debut album in 1999. The lyrics are clever, and a combination that sets the crowd to sing-along. Musically, they’re on fire too. The Atomic Bitchwax has always been a favourite 3-piece hard rock band.