1. Make Geylang Rage Again


Artist: Prophets of Rage
Album: The Party’s Over EP

Prophets of Rage featuring members of Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, released their debut EP ‘The Party’s Over’ last August. With the loss of their front man Zack de la Rocha, Rage Against the Machine decided that music and the message was too important in 2016 to not just sit back and quietly watch. Although it is impossible to replace the powerful energy and unique voice of Zack de la Rocha, the group has found the next best option. B-Real of Cypress Hill and Chuck D of Public Enemy joint forces to officially create the super group Prophets of Rage. It showcases material from all three bands. Along with two originals, the EP includes live versions of Public Enemy’s ‘Shut Em Down’ and Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name’. The limited copies The Party’s Over EP available at The Barbershop Music.


2. 25 Years


Artist: Cypress Hill
Album: Cypress Hill 25th Anniversary Edition

Cypress Hill celebrated the 25th anniversary of their sublimely funky 1991 debut with a special edition packaging. The ‘25th Anniversary Skull’ is black resin sculpture of the group’s skull logo, limited to 1,991 copies. Cypress Hill’s debut album revolutionized hip-hop in several respects. Although they weren’t the first Latino rappers, or the first to mix Spanish and English, they were the first to achieve a substantial following, salute to their highly distinctive sound. Cypress Hill were also one of the first rap groups to bridge the gap with fans of both hard rock and alternative rock. Even though this was more than 2 decades ago, Cypress Hill still sounds fresh and original, simply because few hip-hop artists can put its sound across with such force of personality or imagination. The 25th Anniversary re-press is available at The Barbershop Music.


3. Black Soundtrack

Composer and producer Adrian Younge has produced two new albums: one with William Hart of The Delfonics and another with rapper Ghostface Killah.

Artist: Adrian Younge
Album: Black Dynamite

Adrian Younge not only edited the Black Dynamite but also scored it, all the while playing over a dozen instruments from monophonic synthesizer to electric sitar and directing a session band with several male and female vocalists. Younge and his members recorded the material to have it sound exactly like from the ’70s, and they achieved that. No equipment used in the recording dated late than the late ’70s, and Younge’s knowledge of ’70s black music is incredible. He skillfully walks a creative tightrope, incorporating virtually all the trademarks of an early-70s. This LP also available in limited Picture Disc version. Get yours at The Barbershop Music.


4. Strange Effect


Artist: The Shacks
Album: The Shacks EP

The debut EP of the youngsters Shannon Wise and Max Shrager starts with the 60s hit record ‘This Strange Effect’ that was by Ray Davies of The Kinks. The husky voice of Wise gives the original a very lustful wink that instantly brings up a certain, well let’s say ‘craving’. Heck, I never disliked the original but this is the version I’d never thought of. I can only imagine waking up on a Saturday morning, or whenever really, as this cover is being whispered in my ear. The Shacks however are more than just a cover band and bring much more to the table. In addition, Big Crown’s recordings have always been sensational. This 10’ format EP is available at The Barbershop Music. Also check out demo at our Instagram page.


5. Afrobeat


Artist: Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra
Album: Wendelu

Influenced by Afrobeat, world music, African tribal music, and infused with traditional Polish folk, jazz, rock, reggae and funk, the Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra have found their own unique, not so common sound in world music. Not unlike some bands from the jambands scene, they gel a lot of styles together and knit them tightly with hypnotic jams. Fresh, eclectic, unclassifiable stuff that kinda reminds 80s-era female pop groups singing traditional African vocal melodie, in a good way! Get your copy of Wendelu at The Barbershop Music.