The Panic Room presents Bada Bing Pomade

Bada Bing

You would be forgiven for thinking that this here pomade comes from Las Vegas, what with the gambling theme and playing card suits. Bada Bing is actually a water-soluble product from Australia that has been flying under the radar – more’s the pity!

Right off the bat, you have a wonderful vanilla-butterscotch sweetness that hits your nostrils the second you pop that metal top off; trust us when we say that Bada Bing has one of the strongest scents on the market. It smells like waffles for breakfast. The pomade has a clear bronze colour, with a dense gummy consistency that feels extremely sticky once spread through your hands, which has the effect of making Bada Bing’s butterscotch fragrance scent even stronger. The tackiness does translate to a bit of a challenge when applying it to your hair, but once you have combed it through, it offers plenty of control for styling. It does harden like most water-based pomades, but to a lesser degree – your hair will set without the common crispy texture endemic to this type of product. even providing some sheen. While we would not recommend it, you can re-comb your hair, which will result in a noticeable loss of holding power as well as most of the aforementioned shine. As would be expected, washing off is a breeze. That remains a distinct advantage of using water-based over oil-based and beeswax pomades, with the added bonus that Bada Bing will not leave your hair dry and stripped of life.

Don’t leave your hair to chance – hit the jackpot with Bada Bing, available at The Panic Room.