The Panic Room presents Big Red No.5 ‘Beards Til Death’ Makore Special Edition

Big Red Beards Til DeathBig Red is the nom de commerce of Rick Heatley, a craftsman who specialised in fine custom furniture before turning his hands to the creation of beard tools. It all started when he decided to make his own beard comb; his first comb was whittled down from a single piece of wood, which broke after a few days of use. This spurred him on to create harder, better, stronger combs that were not only functional, but beautiful to behold as well.

The special edition ‘Beards Til Death’ No.5 Big Red beard comb is specially crafted from makore, an African hardwood known for its durability, with a badass engraving of a bearded skull and the legend ‘Beards Til Death’ on the grip area. As with all Big Red combs, the No.5 is finished with Rick’s laminated technology, which ensures that it can withstand the toughest of beards. Although it is able to comb through beards of any length, we recommend it for men with short to medium-sized beards, as the shorter teeth require an expert touch to coax wilder lumberjack-styled facial hair. The No.5 is marketed as a travel beard comb but it makes for a great addition to your everyday carry: light enough to be kept in your jeans coin pocket snugly and ready to be whipped out to take care of emergency beard situations.

You don’t have to be dead to be grateful for Beards Til Death, available at The Panic Room.