The Panic Room presents Bixby Combs

Bixby CombsFor all the importance we place on pomades and other hair-styling products, let’s not forget that the tools are equally crucial to achieving that perfect look. Even though you can achieve a semblance of a hairdo with something cheaply made in China, you’re better off upgrading to a higher grade of combs – one that does not scratch and damage your hair and scalp with every use.

The story of Mark and his Bixby Combs began with music; inspired by zyl, a material commonly found on vintage guitar pick guards and drum shells, he started up production from his garage in Southern California. Zyl (or cellulose acetate) is a cured resin obtained by pulverising cotton and tree fibers; it is hypoallergenic and possesses a soft natural feel which makes it popular in the creation of wearables like spectacles and hair accessories. With the addition of mineral and vegetable pigments, the material is also able to take on the appearance of precious materials like tortoiseshell and ivory, opening up limitless possibilities in its application.

The Bixby comb has been engineered to provide something called “Optimum Drag”, which is described as the ‘perfect distance between two adjacent bristles and their length’. Simply put, the comb is designed to provide a clean and even pull without damaging your hair or scalp. Each comb is hand-formed by craftsmen who carve it out of sheets of zyl before shaping the contours using thermoforming technology. We like Bixby for its unique look and how it just feels right running through our hair – there’s something to be said about the Optimum Drag engineering. Another cool thing is that each comb comes in its own tin hard case, which stems from Mark’s belief that such an important part of a man’s daily carry should be treated with the respect it deserves. It’s that attention to detail that makes us appreciate Bixby combs.

Don’t be a drag – give your hair the Optimum Drag treatment, only at The Panic Room.