The Panic Room presents Blind Barber Lemongrass Tea Shampoo + {Bodywash}

Blind Barber BodywashThe Blind Barber is our favourite barbershop and cocktail lounge combo. We are not really sure if there is even another set up like theirs, but we are pretty confident that Blind Barber is our favourite. They serve the community with the same spirit of camaraderie that we strive for here in Geylang, and they are similarly obsessed with making their customers handsome. That dedication translates to their products as well, with the Lemongrass Tea Shampoo being a well-received and well-reviewed product that gets major props (*salute* Major Props) from us.

Here is how the Lemongrass Tea experience breaks down: first it reels you in with the amazing scent, so you give it a go in the shower, then BAM! The next thing you know, you are left wondering how you were ever satisfied using lesser shampoos, with their artificial-smelling fragrances and sulfates that leave your hair feeling dry. The juniper berry, one of Blind Barber’s favourite ingredients, blends together with rooibos tea, lemongrass, and coconut oil into something they call the “Custom Spirit”. The shampoo provides a thorough cleanse by removing dirt and product, ensuring that your scalp does not have clogged pores, a condition that can lead to skin issues. Your hair will feel smooth and superfresh.

As if being an effective shampoo was not impressive enough on its own, it also doubles up as bodywash. We probably should have mentioned that earlier. This flexibility makes it one of the best products to pack into your luggage when going on holidays, as you can kill* two birds with one stone (*please do not actually kill any birds) and smell divine afterwards. Another thing to consider is that the shampoo + bodywash has a concentrated formula, so a little goes a long way when lathering up.

It goes without saying that the Lemongrass Tea Shampoo + {Bodywash} slays any hotel toiletries that you would be forced to use if you did not have the foresight to read this review before making your travel plans, so please, use this information wisely. You are welcome, dear reader.

Quench your hair thirst with some Lemongrass Tea here at The Panic Room.