The Panic Room presents Blind Barber Watermint Gin Facial Cleanser

Blind Barber Facial CleanserThe Blind Barber is a barbershop with an adjoining cocktail lounge, where a man is able to get a haircut and a stiff one in a single trip. In the same spirit of shaving and shaking (not stirring), they have produced a skin cleanser infused with the dapper gent’s favourite tipple: gin.

The lab boys at Blind Barber have formulated a balanced cleanser that is gentle enough for daily use but will wash off the day’s toil from your mug effectively, leaving your skin feeling moisturised. An experimental sniff reveals a pleasantly herbal bouquet, the result of botanical extracts such as juniper berries, the ingredient which imparts the predominant flavour of most classic gins. Any hint of astringency is tempered by the addition of wild watermint, which rounds off that sharpness and replaces it with fresh cool notes. The same botanicals will also actively prevent breakouts from forming on your skin. The cleanser works best when used with warm water; simply work a bit of cleanser into a lather and massage the foam to your face. The trick is to avoid tasting the formula, as tempting as the scent may be.

It’s a gin-mint in a bottle, you gotta rub it the right way at The Panic Room.