The Panic Room presents Crown Pomade Natural

Crown Natural

Crown Pomade is an Australian homebrew, with Johnny the owner hand-pouring and testing all products himself. Frustrated at the need to cocktail up to three different products to achieve his desired hairstyle, he began experimenting with ingredients to create a pomade that would meet his expectations, and thus Crown Pomade was born.

Crown Pomade Natural comes in a silver screw-top can with a label sticker on the lid and a list of ingredients at the bottom. We dig the classy clean design that will look good when not in use. As the name indicates, this is a natural uncoloured pomade, which makes it suitable for hair of any colour. Scooping it feels waxy but without much resistance, and the pomade breaks down easily with a palm rub, making the advertised cherry scent even stronger than in the tin. There are no tugs whatsoever while combing, which is unexpected for such a waxy product.

According to Johnny, he makes the Crown pomade with an authentic traditional brew technique, which will cause it to ‘set’ once applied to the hair. Whatever the recipe is, we can confirm that it works a treat, with the solid hold allowing for a respectable pomping height but more importantly giving a lot of control while styling. The high wax content means that the pomade will take more than two washes to degrease, but it also means a great build-up that makes your hair look even better from the second day onwards, with a more lustrous shine.

Your head deserves a Crown, find it only at The Panic Room.