The Panic Room presents Dream Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

Dream Beard ShampooDream Beard is the brainchild of Ryan and Brittany Lane,  a brand which grew out of necessity. When Ryan faced the bearded population’s perennial problem of chin itch, they threw themselves into research and labour, which resulted in their original line of beard oils. In the years since, they’ve expanded their range to offer beard and hair styling products, including shampoo and conditioner.

On top of being paraben and sulfate free, both Dream Beard hair care products are certified organic: the shampoo is formulated with 87% organic ingredients while the conditioner weighs in at 73%. There are two scents available – an amazingly refreshing tea tree and peppermint concoction dubbed the Mountaineer, and the citrus bomb known as Beach Bum. The Mountaineer scent is great for those pre-coffee early morning showers, with a cooling menthol sensation that leaves the scalp all tingly and wakes you right up. As for the Beach Bum, it’s packed with citrus – lemon, lime, mandarin, sweet orange and pink grapefruit essential oils all make an appearance – as well as litsea fruit oil, a fruit native to Southeast Asia that is treasured for its intense sweet lemon fragrance; it’s like bringing your beach holiday home in a bottle.

As the shampoo is not made with foaming agents, the lather produced will not be as much as the amount you get from off-the-shelf shampoos. This is not much of a trade-off as the amount of lather does not determine how clean you will get; in fact in the long run it is better for you as the foaming agents are chemicals you wouldn’t want to be in contact with your scalp. The conditioner is meant to be applied to your hair from root to tip – you can use your hands to massage it through or simply use a comb to ensure every strand is covered, before leaving it to work for up to five minutes before washing it off, depending on how deeply you want your hair to be conditioned.

Teamwork makes the dream work – find your Dream Beard dream team here at The Panic Room.