The Panic Room presents JS Sloane High Gloss Top Coat

JS Sloane High Gloss Top CoatJS Sloane are makers of fine products for stylish gents and ladies who look to the Golden Age of Hollywood for inspiration. Besides their range of brilliantines, they also have the High Gloss Top Coat, closer to the hair tonics of the past, which imbued a distinguished shine that was equated to healthy hair.

The Top Coat contains light argan oil, a plant oil produced from argan tree kernels, commonly used in high-end personal care goods. Harvesting argan oil is a time-consuming and laborious task that has so far resisted attempts at mechanical processing, making it a valuable commodity. When used on its own, the argan oil adds shine and protection to your hair, as well as smoothing frizzy dry hair into something more manageable, while providing a subtle version of JS Sloane’s signature scent. You can also get a slicked-back hairstyle with two pumps of the oil, on date nights when you’re trying for that vintage glamour. As a topper, it acts as a finishing touch to JS Sloane’s brilliantines by adding unparallelled shine.

Be a top bloke with a dose of Top Coat, available at The Panic Room.