The Panic Room presents Lockhart’s Goon Grease Pomade

Goon GreaseA pomadeholic’s search for the perfect product is made complicated by the fact that one man’s grease is another man’s goop. It’s the rare pomade that gets unanimous acclaim from all quarters – now you can add Goon Grease to that hallowed list.

A release from Lockhart’s, Goon Grease is a worthwhile addition to their arsenal of pomades for the discerning gent. Like all Lockhart’s products, it comes in a heavy can that could mess someone up if thrown at them correctly. Goon Grease comes in your choice of two scents: manly sandalwood or fresh lemongrass.

Goon Grease is a hard waxy formula, but a quick palm rub will soften it into a pleasing texture that combs smoothly, no tugging. Don’t let that fool you, though! You can achieve all sorts of crazy death-defying heights with this in your hair – pompadours are mad easy when you’re rocking Goon Grease. This is for the young soul rebel and the punk-at-heart.

Get struck by Goon Grease lightning, available at The Panic Room.