The Panic Room presents O’Douds Lemon Lavender Soap Bar

O'Douds Lemon Lavender SoapIn a short span of time, O’Douds has gone the distance from being a hobby to a full-blown business. Clayton’s loyal fans will understand. Every product from haircare to skincare is handmade to an exacting standard using only naturally occurring ingredients, sourced from certified fair trade merchants and reputable suppliers – no harmful chemicals, no cheat codes.

The lemon lavender soap bar is the result of many hours spent sampling lavender to work out a perfect balance of floral and citrus, using high-grade essential oils . Lavender’s natural sweetness is given depth by the addition of lemon, as well as a subtle smokiness around the edges. Each bar is made with a blend of oils – olive, coconut, castor, sweet almond and shea butter – that will leave your skin healthy and moisturised. It translates well as a shampoo too, doing an amazing task of washing off buildup from heavy pomades, which seasoned users of non-water soluble products will know as being an arduous task at best.

When in doubt, go for O’Douds, here at The Panic Room.