The Panic Room presents Railcar Fine Goods Pomade

Railcar Fine Goods Standard HoldRailcar Fine Goods, a denim label from California that specialises in selvedge jeans, has recently made inroads into men’s grooming with the release of two great pomades that have been well-received by The Panic Room barbers and our customers alike. Let’s take a look at their standard hold pomade and break down what makes it special.

The Railcar Standard Hold pomade comes in the typical glass jar that you get these days, with an overall clean aesthetic on the wrestling championship belt-shaped label. Dark red pomades are not a common sight, especially one complemented by a fragrance that is reminiscent of rose syrup – we are not joking, this pomade will make you want to sip some F&N cordial. The scent is a step up from other gel pomades that ultimately smell one-dimensional, with a refreshing cologne fragrance that is cut through with floral notes of rose. Railcar Fine Goods definitely has got the scent game locked down tight, son.

The crimson goop scoops out like how you would expect water soluble pomades to behave, spreading out evenly in your hands and through your hair, being one of those products that feels amazing during the application process because of how easy it is to work with. We recommend that you apply the pomade to slightly damp hair, as the dampness will make it easier to coat your hair thoroughly, providing more control when styling. This will also prevent the pomade from drying out prematurely, which – other than being a pain in the butt to comb through – makes it harder to style your hair juuust the way you want it.

Like all gel pomades, this will harden and look matte once it dries, providing a hold that is slightly stronger than a medium. No strays or flyaways here, unless you have the bad fortune of constantly getting stuck out in the rain somehow, in which case you may need to sort out your life before deciding which pomade to buy. Of course, washing off is a breeze as expected, but at least Railcar pomade does not leave your hair feeling dried out like a mummified beef jerky. That stuff will ruin your day faster than accidentally drinking decaf coffee.

Forget a real car and get yourself a Railcar, here at The Panic Room.