The Panic Room presents Razor MD

RazorMDHere at The Panic Room, we are always looking for ways to make you more handsome. While our barbers are known for their skills in giving swee swee haircuts, the best thing to do at home while waiting for your next appointment is (at least for our non-bearded brothers) to shave with a good double edge razor to complete that smooth look.

Now there are many excellent brands available on the market, so we hope to give you a heads up with our ongoing series of reviews. First up, we will be taking a look at Razor MD from out of Brooklyn, New York. Scott Saltzman has resurrected his family’s pharmaceutical legacy with a complete line that will take you from pre to post-shave.

Every good shave begins with a splash of pre-shave oil. While the Razor MD pre-shave oil feels a bit thicker than expected, we believe this will better serve its purpose of cushioning your skin during a shave. We found it to be good enough that it could work solo, for the small tidy-up jobs where shaving cream would be overkill.

Of course, for the big jobs, you should always break out the shaving cream. Razor MD’s formula is the non-lather variety, so you can use your badger brush to apply it directly to your chin and neck without having to fuss with a shaving mug. There’s just something soothing about brushing your whiskers with cream, especially one with a manly sandalwood scent. It may be fetishistic or ritualistic, but it feels right when done with a good badger brush.

Synthetic brush technology may be getting better, but we have not found any that will match a badger brush, as synthetics tend to lack heat retention and feel scratchier. We like Razor MD’s horn shaving brush that’s made with best badger hair, which is a higher grade that identifies the hair as generally coming from the badger’s belly instead of its less-smooth areas.

Our favourite shaving implement from Razor MD is their Nickel69 Double-Edge Safety Razor, a three-piece thing of beauty. The handmade handle has a laser-engraved grip and good weight, ensuring comfort and stability while shaving. The weight is important; you want a good heft so that you get a smooth and controlled shave (a lightweight razor would be just as effective as using a cheap disposable). A scalloped bar helps to protect against nicks as well, though you will be quite safe with its less aggressive shaving profile. True to its name, the razor has a nickel finish, giving a touch of classiness that’s tinged with nostalgia. Your father would probably be instantly familiar with the design, if he isn’t still using a DE razor to this day (ours do!).

A good shave ends with some aftershave lotion to calm your skin and protect against skin burn. Razor MD’s post-shave lotion serves this purpose, but you can also use it in conjunction with the shave cream if a closer shave is desired. It contains shea butter and aloe vera, leaving our skin feeling soft and silky – we dig the sandalwood scent that’s not too overpowering.

Get your shave on with Razor MD here at The Panic Room.