The Panic Room presents Razor MD Muhammad Ali Shave Set

Razor MD Muhammad AliHere at The Panic Room, we are all fans of the one and only Muhammad Ali – so when we heard that our friends at Razor MD would be collaborating with the Muhammad Ali Estate to release a shaving set based on boxing’s Greatest of all Time, needless to say we were punch-drunk with excitement.

The Muhammad Ali Shave Set consists of a custom-made razor handle and shaving brush that comes in your choice of cool chrome or classy black. Like the legend himself, both items are heavyweights – literally!

The shaving brush has a solid construction, combining with the silvertip badger hair (the rarest and softest badger hair available) to provide a luxurious pre-shave experience. The silvertip soaks up and retains hot water well, producing an incredible amount of wet lather with whichever shaving cream or soap you have loaded, and the soft hairs feel amazing as you brush the lather all over your chin and cheeks.

The razor handle is equally impressive, with a pronounced heft that feels better in your hand than those cheap plastic razors littering the racks next to supermarket checkout counters like abandoned afterthoughts; it uses the popular Gillette Mach3 cartridge which, for our money, was the last great innovation in multi-blade systems.

So basically what you have here is a shaving brush that floats like a butterfly and a razor that doesn’t sting like a bee – it’s an awesome one-two combo engineered to give your next shave a K.O. in the second round.

Experience the greatest shave of all time, here at The Panic Room.