The Panic Room presents Razor MD Popeye Shave Collection

Razor MD Popeye

It would be embarrassing for us if word got out how excited we were when we found out that Razor MD had a Popeye Shave Collection. As one of our favourite cartoon characters while growing up, it was a match made in macho heaven – the power of Popeye flowing through us as we get rid of boorish Bluto beards! Let us help you decide if the set is worth spending your green on.

First off, no need to be a sailor to appreciate the Popeye Shave Collection, merely the love of a good shave that naturally comes with paying attention to details. The complete three-step shave set consists of a pre-shave oil, a shaving cream lather and a post-shave lotion, coming in an awesome-looking tin container with a badass design of the strong-armed sailor-man that will make for a cool display on your bathroom sink. All three products are chockful of the good stuff that will ensure your shave to be a swee swee one. The pre-shave oil is a blend of rich oils that protects your skin and keeps it nourished; the shave cream lather is a brushless formula that packs glycerine to soften your hair and aloe vera to soothe irritated skin; to top it all off is the post-shave lotion that has shea butter and aloe extract to keep your skin well-hydrated and smooth after the bladed hell that you have just submitted it to.

The Sailorwood scent is subtly woodsy, a fragrance that you will enjoy catching faint whiffs of once your shave is complete. Heavy sleepers will be happy to know that the shave cream is already pre-lathered, meaning there is no need for you to waste precious sleeping minutes to work up a lather with your brush and mug; simply use a wet brush to whack on the cream directly to your chin and whiskers, no fuss! All three formulas contain a dose of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that protects skin cells from the damage caused by environmental nastiness that attacks once you step out of the hygiene of your bathroom. You better believe this can goes way beyond iron-rich leafy vegetables!

Keep your #shavegamestrong to the finish, here at The Panic Room.