The Panic Room presents Rusak No 3

rusakFrom the Motherland of Ivan Drago comes this fresh can of grooming grease, created specially for Singapore’s tropical (read: crazy hot) weather.

Once you’re done admiring the badass boxing rabbit on the lid label, open the screw-top can and take a deep breath. Go on, inhale. Then do it again. Smells great, don’t it? A scent that evokes a lads’ night out, taking in the sights and sounds, smoking some shisha at the old Arab Quarter.

And the hold? Solid as hell. Scoop it out and spread it in your hands, and watch it turn into butter. Run it through your hair, then feel amazed at the grip and hold. Your hair will stay in shape even in this climate, guaranteed. It’s also perfect for those days when you prefer a medium sheen over that shiny-like-an-oil-slick look. It’ll work great after a day’s build-up, giving volume to your hair.

Come get your Rusak on at The Panic Room, comrade.