The Panic Room presents Schmiere Hart

Schmiere Hart

Are you a wavy-haired brother looking to step up your pomade game? Do you need that one true can of wax to tame those stray hairs that drive you crazy in the morning? Look no further, Schmiere Hart is here!

Straight up, this is one of the strongest holds you can get (other than Superglue). You just know it’s gonna be hardcore when you have to fight to scoop the pomade out of the can, but it’s a small price to pay once you’ve run that lemon-scented freshness through your hair. You’ll be able to pull off death-defying pomp heights that might not be possible with other pomades. Pro tip: break out your hairdryer and heat it up before applying. Trust us on this, friend.

Don’t expect a sheen when you apply this to your crown in the morning. As with most hardcore-strength waxes, you’ll be getting a low-shine look with your pomp. You can finish with a shiny topper, but hey! Sometimes matte is rad.

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