The Panic Room Presents Super Starter Shave Set

Super Starter Shave Set

Super Starter Shave Set
Price: $66
UP: $132

Ladies and gentlemen, The Panic Room proudly presents our Super Starter Shave Set! When building this shave set, the only thing running through our minds was how we could make shaving as simple and affordable as possible for our customers. Trust us when we say that it is not easy to build your own shaving arsenal from scratch. There’s that whole bit about spending hours doing your homework, researching about individual products before testing them. And all that is under the assumption that the ‘final products’ you have chosen are able to work well together. Because we want you to make better use of that time to be handsome, we have already done all the dirty work for you.

Perfect for kick-starting your shaving journey, here are the components of our Super Starter Shave Set:

1. Kent – Bristle Brush, Black

Manufacturing brushes in Great Britain since 1777, Kent is definitely one of the brands you can always rely on and turn to if you’re looking for shaving brushes. The secret of their excellence is in the fact that they limit the mass production process and instead opt to stay grounded in their traditional methods as much as possible. A simple brush that still feels luxurious, let the Kent Bristle Brush take control and  work its “world’s finest shaving brush” magic on you.

2. The Bluebeards Revenge – Post Shave Balm

The Bluebeards Revenge love to continuously prove why they were chosen as the 2014 FHM Grooming Awards Brand Of The Year. In particular, their Post Shave Balm covers everything you would require after your shave. The Post Shave Balm contains witch hazel and aloe vera which relaxes the skin after the shave, making the healing process that much smoother. However, what really sets it apart is the Decelerine it contains which is surprisingly effective at delaying beard growth.

3. Dear Barber – Shave Biscuit

If you’re looking to experience the feel of a traditional barber shave, then the Dear Barber Shave Biscuit is something you need to get your hands on. The shaving soap lathers best with a shaving brush and warm water, creating a rich and creamy lather that’s bound to make you smile when you’re shaving. In fact, the shave biscuit is so awesome that it lathers with your fingers if you’re too lazy to grab hold of your shaving brush that’s a little out of reach.

4. Random Double-Edge Razor

Double-Edge Razors are the perfect razors for people who are taking their baby steps past the rugged gates of manliness. These razors are sometimes (aptly) referred to as safety razors because they have guards to ensure that you do not accidentally skin your face like you would to a potato. In addition, double-edged razors offer a superior shave with less irritation as your skin is only exposed to one blade at any given time. Simple, safe and effective, these beauties are a joy to work your shave with.

There are only limited sets available for a limited time so don’t take too long to make up your mind!

The Panic Room‘s latest “Super Starter Shave Set” is now available for purchase exclusively online at our web store located here!