The Panic Room presents The Bearded Bastard R.E. Byrd Beard Oil

R.E. Byrd Beard OilWith a name like “The Bearded Bastard“, you know that Jeremiah Johnson doesn’t take life too seriously. Named after the infamous “Liver-Eating” legend of the Wild West, Jeremiah is an entrepreneur who works out of his own studio hand-making beard oils and other goods for the modern bearded gentleman, from recipes he concocted to tame his own unkempt facial, which he claimed “was a bit of a bastard to control”. The R.E. Byrd beard oil is a fine specimen from this Texan firebrand.

TBB products display their love for nature right on the packaging, with a hand-crafted wooden label attached to a vintage-look amber jar, the product name laser-printed into the wood. The beard oil is a tribute to a badass American naval officer, R.E. Byrd, who claimed to have flown his plane across the North Pole back in the 1920’s, on top of other amazing adventures that he probably got involved in to cure his boredom because the Internet had not been invented yet. The scent of the beard oil corresponds to the tree-based outer covering on the jar, with an amazing complex blend of woodsy notes, and a hint of nuttiness and warmth from the peppermint. It’s a Bearded Bastard trademark that sees Jeremiah distilling the essence of the woods and mountains that he draws inspiration from, like a modern-day grizzly man.

The beard oil contains a variety of ingredients beneficial to your beard’s health and appearance, with argan oil, vitamin E and hemp oil leading the charge in a battle against brittleness. These ingredients work to bring life to any dryness that your skin and beard may be experiencing, quenching thirst like an oily oasis in the middle of a desert filled with hair. Actually on second thoughts, that is quite a disgusting image, but we think you get the point. With a moisturised and healthy beard, you’ll notice less stray hairs sticking out and ruining the aesthetics of your majestically hirsute facial accoutrement, ensuring that you will always be ready to take on the world.

The Byrd is the word, here at The Panic Room.