The Panic Room presents The Bluebeards Revenge Cuban Blend Beard Oil

TBR Cuban OilThe Bluebeards Revenge is back with an unexpected addition to their wide range of men’s grooming products! Yes, these cheeky pirates who made it their mission to rid the world of bum-fluffed cheeks and chins have introduced beard oils for the proudly hirsute.

The Cuban Blend beard oil comes in a blue bottle emblazoned with their familiar crossbones logo. Pop off the top and inhale the strong notes of cedarwood and vetiver – scents that are irresistibly manly and will impart a masculine aura to your chin blanket. Sunflower and olive oils will keep your beard shiny and spiffy unlike Castro’s tumbleweed whiskers.

First you get the beard, then you get the beard oil, here at The Panic Room.