The Panic Room presents The Daimon Barber No.5 Gel Pomade

The Daimon Barber No.5 Gel

The Daimon Barber are producers of an all killer no filler range of pomades – every new release from these London boys routinely exceeds our expectations, and then some! It is said that man cannot live by bread alone, but a stylish guy can live the handsome life with Daimon Barber alone – they’re up to 5 pomades now, with products for every occasion. Let’s scope out their latest.

Unlike every other gel pomade on the market, the No.5 Gel pomade does not harden up. It feels like gel and scoops out like gel, but the way it behaves in your hair is a complete 180 degrees turn, holding your pomp high without getting rock-hard – the winning characteristic of this pomade that makes it significantly better than all other gel pomades. You can restyle it with a comb, no water required. In fact, avoid using a wet comb to restyle as this water-soluble pomade will lose a bit of strength if you do, so play it safe! Like the rest of the line, the No.5 has an amazing scent, with a weird-on-paper Egyptian mallow and ouhd blend that smells manly and complex; it’s like an expensive eau de parfum instead of a cheap-ass body spray bought from the mamak shop.

Take a left turn at Fleet Street and meet the Daimon Barber here at The Panic Room.