The Panic Room presents The Iron Society Firm Hold

TIS Firm HoldThere’s a reason why your friend won’t shut up about The Iron Society, Chris DeSanty’s cult brand from out of New York City. A barber by day, a homebrewer by night, Chris has been consistently producing excellent pomades to suit every man’s needs.

The Old Fashioned Men’s Grooming Aid Firm Hold is another fine addition to The Iron Society legend. An old-timey name and a dust-and-rust-rubbed label on the amber jar lend a strong vintage feel to the pomade. Twist the black cap off and be greeted with a spicy blast to your olfactory senses; strong bay rum and clove notes provide a manly scent without an overbearing sillage.

Scooping out the pomade feels very waxy, which gives way to a creamy texture once you rub it between your palms. For a firm hold product, you will experience next to no tugging when combing it through – it gives excellent control when styling as your hairs will stick to each other, without the pomade itself feeling overly greasy. Strength-wise you can expect to get a fair height if you are pomping it up, and like all oil-based pomades, break out your comb to restyle if the Singapore sun causes your slickback to split.

Washing the product off completely will take at least two rounds of shampooing, which is par for the course for non-water soluble pomades. However, one of the best qualities inherent to this product is the amazing waxy build-up you will be left with after the first wash, making it ideal for messier finger-combed hairstyles.

The Iron Society is recruiting – sign up today at The Panic Room.