The Panic Room presents The Iron Society Water Soluble Pomade

TheIronSocietyA crowd favourite, The Iron Society’s line of men’s grooming aids is renowned for their wicked strong hold and a distinctive woodsy scent. The latest addition to their arsenal is a first for them: a water-soluble pomade.

Opening the now-familiar amber jar, the first thing that hits you is the spicy tang as it penetrates your nostrils with notes of cedarwood, tobacco, ginger, and cloves. It smells like your favourite uncle, you know the one who smokes Gudang Garam and listens to ye ye on his record player.

Scooping out the pomade is as easy as digging out a record from a crate, and just as rewarding – it goes in smooth, no tugging, and spreads cleanly through damp hair. Like its waxy relatives, this pomade was designed to help you achieve maximum pompitude! It may feel heavier in your hair than other water-soluble pomades that you are used to, but that’s a small price to pay for feeling super manly like a lumberjack.

The Iron Society wants you! Join today at The Panic Room.