The Panic Room presents The Mail Room Barber Appalachia Beard Oil

The Mail Room Barber AppalachiaHailing from Carolina, Robert Watkins is a socially-conscious master barber who, having been exposed to the reality of forced labour, has made it his mission to build a business that focuses on making ethically-sourced small-batch pomades and beard oils that do not contribute to the proliferation of human trafficking.

The Mail Room Barber range of beard oils are all-natural blends of castor, almond, grapeseed and jojoba oils, with the addition of high-grade essential oils to impart intoxicating scents. The Appalachian beard oil in particular is a favourite here, with its heady mix of sweet and smokey; floral lavender and bergamot notes mingle with hints of tobacco and clove – evoking memories of morning hikes and campfire nights. It feeds your beard with all the nourishment it needs for a healthy shine and to stay soft, while replenishing the oils that your skin produces naturally.

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