The Panic Room presents Toar & Roby The Original Pomade

Toar & Roby The Original pomadeToar And Roby (or TAR, to avoid ‘Roar And Toby’ typos) is a homebrew brand from Indonesia, which has seemingly been gripped by pomade fever. The cure? Making pomade in the comfort of your own kitchen, sorta like Breaking Bad but not illegal.

TAR The Original will be familiar if you’ve ever tried Murray’s Original – and let’s be honest, who hasn’t? Like Murray’s, TAR has a super sticky texture that requires a bit of elbow grease to work into your hair. The hairdryer trick definitely applies here – once in the can, and once in the hand. After it goes in though, it’ll stay in for days and days with a medium hold and sheen. Don’t expect crazy pomp heights and you’ll be just fine. Hardcore pomp fiends would be better served by TAR Heavy Duty pomade.

The scent is clean and floral, similar to a bar of that bird brand soap. Grab this can when you’re in a mellow mood and want a pleasant scent that’s not too loud.

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