The Panic Room Presents Uppercut’s 2016 Christmas Gifting Range


There are only a few things in life that hurt more than being horse kicked in the love below and yes, believe you me that we understand that the year-end Christmas shopping is one of those things that comes fairly close. On 13th October, we published a blog post which announced our partnership with Uppercut Deluxe and the spate of new products that we brought in. Trying to pick out a gift from that overwhelming range of products may prove to be a tedious process. Today, we offer you an easy solution to your Christmas shopping woes in the form of Uppercut’s 2016 Christmas Gifting Range.

Uppercut’s 2016 Christmas Gifting Range comes packaged in beautiful black boxes which make for easy wrapping. In addition, there are some limited edition items which are not available as standalone products and can only be obtained via the gift set. Now that you’re probably more interested in what we have to offer, here’s the introduction to some of Uppercut’s gift sets that are currently available for purchase:

Uppercut Deluxe - Mini Styling Collection

If I had to give a recommendation for an Uppercut gift set, this Mini Styling Collection would have to be it. This gift set contains the mini versions of all four of Uppercut’s fantastic pomades, allowing the recipient of the gift to style his hair in different ways to match the different occasions. Deluxe Pomade is a definite go-to when it comes to the classic barber cuts such as the slick-back or the pompadour. Matt Clay and Featherweight are great for a casual and easy-going look and Monster Hold is for those who require that firm grip and control over their hair (and lives). It’s the clear cut choice to consider if you uncertain about the kind of hair-styling product that the recipient will favour. It’s becomes even more clear cut if the recipient himself is in an exploratory stage and still hasn’t figured out which type of hair product he prefers.

Uppercut Deluxe - Pomade Combo Kit

The Pomade Combo Kit is another great gift set that contains products essential for healthy hair. Unlike a lot of other hair care products out there in the market, we really love how Uppercut offers fuss-free, peppermint-scented shampoos and conditioners that focus solely on nourishing your hair and protecting your scalp. On top of the hair care products, you’ll also get a choice of one out of the four regular-sized Uppercut pomades and a lightweight pocket comb that every man who cares enough about his hair needs to get his hands on.

Uppercut Deluxe - Pocket Kit

The Pocket Kit is essentially a step up from the Mini Styling Collection earlier. On top of the 4 mini pomades, you’ll also receive a leather and stainless steel key chain and an Acetate tortoise shell flick comb. The leather and stainless steel key chain is extremely sturdy will see to it that you do not lose your keys while you’re out. Key chains are always a great gift because people will always end up finding a use for them. As for the acetate tortoise shell flick comb, it’s sleek design allows you to carry it around with you in your pocket all the time and that’s always a nice thing to have when you need to perform immediate surgery on your hair.

Uppercut Deluxe - Tin & Coaster Kit

The Tin & Coaster Kit features not 1, not 2, not 3.. but a grand total of 4 limited edition coasters that came fresh out of Uppercut’s design vault. If the recipient you have in mind loves Uppercut’s products as much as he loves having a cold one, this gift set might be all that he needs this Christmas. He’ll also be pleasantly surprised to know that the coasters come packaged together with one of Uppercut’s best-selling products, their Deluxe Pomade.

Uppercut Deluxe - Basin Kit

If you have friends who smell funky because they do not brush their teeth or manage their messy hair, give them a subtle hint this Christmas with Uppercut’s Basin Kit! The Basin Kit contains a bamboo toothbrush which was very popular with the Samurais back in the days. Here’s another fun fact, before katanas came into the picture, the samurais favoured the almighty combs as their handsome weapons of choice. Whether it’s the swift and agile pocket comb or the heavy duty quiff roller that adds volume like there’s no tomorrow, all of Uppercut’s combs were built to make hair manipulation easy. In addition, the gift set also comes with a stainless steel cup for them to sheathe all the products. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Of course, let’s not forget about the fact that you’ve also been working hard yourself. There’s nothing out there which says that you can’t buy a gift set to pamper yourself this Christmas. I for one ain’t waiting till Christmas to get my hands on one of these value-for-money gift sets. You’re also very much welcomed to follow suit!

Save yourself the pains of last minute Christmas shopping this festive season, turn to Uppercut’s 2016 Christmas Gifting Range and who knows? You might actually end up receiving one of these sets from someone this year. Now available for purchase at the barbershop and our web store!