Why Men Should Keep Beards

Blocks UV Rays

A great amount of scientific research has suggested that thick beards are capable of blocking out 95% of the UV rays coming from the sun. Not only do beards keep the skin from getting burnt but they also help in protecting the skin from getting cancer.

Shaving Leads To Acne

If you don a beard, then the likelihood that you have smooth skin under that facial hair is very strong. Shaving your face aids to spread the bacteria that leads to acne. This means that enabling your beard to grow and taking good care of your beard promotes healthy skin.

Perception Is The End All Be All

In one research study, eight guys wilfully had their beards cut off and then grew them once again. There were photos taken at every stage of new beard growth to give a catalogue of the progress.

Once the guys had fully regrown their beards, those conducting the research brought together 64 men and 64 women to go through the progress photos and get their opinions. The research showed that once the men’s beards grew in fuller, the view that the 128 individuals in the group had of every guy was perceived to be more positive. Each guy was rated as appearing to be more mature, attractive, and healthy as their beards grew fuller.


Builds Confidence

Guys who have higher morale tend to be more successful in all areas of their lives. A beard gives a guy a sense of power and morale that is readily noticeable to all those around him. Therefore, deciding to grow a beard is a means for a man to set a higher standard of living for himself and become more successful.

An Organic Filter

Guys who grow a moustache benefit from the advantages of having microscopic allergens kept out of their noses and, because of this, the reduction of the effects of bad conditions like hay fever and other allergies. With a beard, that filtering protection is brought to a whole new level. As a matter of fact, a beard is going to aid in keeping those same allergens and airborne bacteria out of your mouth, which is going to cause overall better health. When you put together a beard with a moustache, you receive twofold protection that a clear-faced male isn’t able to get. Of course, you do have to take measures to clean and keep your facial hair filter, and beard oil is among the most popular grooming means for men who grow beards.


A beard could actually work as a fountain of youth due to all of the protection it provides. Due to the fact that facial hair keeps your skin clear of cancerous blemishes and possessing a beard means you decrease the amount of acne and discoloration upon your skin, your skin is going to stay healthy for longer. The ability of a beard and moustache to keep allergens out of your system is also going to enhance your overall health. In this manner, beards function to keep you not just looking younger but feeling younger as well.

Moisturizes Skin

Shaving facial hair opens up the pores in your skin and may also lead to cuts on your face that is going to dry out your skin over time. During the summer and winter, exposed pores form a situation where your skin loses it’s moisture and can begin to flake. When you possess a beard, you avoid all of these problems and maintain your skin nice and healthy.

Prevents Bacterial Infections

When you don a beard, the pores within your skin are naturally shielded against any bacteria that may try to enter and lead to an infection. Bacteria can come from a number of sources and has the potential to become very harmful if it has a portal to gain access to your skin. Shaving causes those portals to open up and enables all of that bacteria to come inside. When you don a beard, those portals are closed.

A beard is more than just a cool thing on your face, it works as a life-saving device as well. With all of the health advantages that beards provide, it is astonishing that not more men are growing their beards. The next time a person tries telling you that your beard must go, all you must do is remind them that your beard gives you a longer life and healthier skin. It is always great to have a scientific means of silencing the critics.

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