Beardbrand - Spiced Citrus Beard Wash 100ml


Smell Like:

100ml / 3.4oz
Beard Wash 
Made in USA

This wash has a very gentle lather that is soft enough for your face and tough enough to handle curly, coarse beard hairs.

A great advantage of Beardbrand's washes are that they are designed to match the fragrance line of beard oils and mustache waxes.
Our first release will be with the silver line and we will follow with the gold and white line later in the year. 


Beardbrand Scents

Tree Ranger
Tree Ranger balm includes our signature fragrance blend of eucalyptus and pine. This scent would have you smelling like you just got done hiking through a Pacific Northwest Forest.

Spiced Citrus
Spiced Citrus balm includes our signature scent blend of vanilla, clove, and spices. It has the warm and comforting fragrance of the holidays at home, all year round.

Tea Tree
Tea Tree balm includes our signature crisp scent blend of tea tree and mint. It inspires adventures with the cool, crisp scent of winter mountain air.



- gentle but effective shampoo/beard wash
- no silicone build up



Start with Beard wash
- spread some beard wash on your finger tips
- using your finger tips, spread the beard wash on the skin below the beard
- massage skin gently 
- rinse with water

Follow with Beard conditioner
- spread some beard softener in your hands
- spread beard softener onto beard
- massage beard gently to spread product evenly
- if beard is very dry, can leave on for a minute
- rinse with water

Use 1-2 times a week, or daily if needed