Gonzo Original Supply - Anti Friction Shave Gel


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The ultimate shaving companion for anyone, including the ladies.
A multipurpose clear shave gel, that allows you to see where you are shaving, lubricates the shave and if used as an after shave, disinfects and stops bleeding from minor cuts. 
If you are too lazy to shower in the morning or just out of water... you can even wipe this down your skin - cause water is not needed. 

Whatever you choose to use this for, your skin will be left feeling minty and refreshed!


- Helps improve razor glide, providing a close and extra comfortable shave
- Guards against micro cuts and irritations
Clear non-foaming gel type formula to ensure no areas are missed
- Can be used without applying water on skin
- Results in close shave and smooth skin with refreshing and minty feeling
- Works with all types of shaving tools (except eletric razor lah)


  1. - Dispense gel onto finger tips
  2. - Apply directly on the area to be shaved
  3. - Gently massage and spread gel to form a thin coat on the skin
  4. - Shave with preferred choice of razor 
  5. - Can be used as an aftershave treatment and as a styptic by minor cuts
  6. - Rinse with water and dry skin with towel