Brush type: Synthetic
Bristle height: 2cm
Bristle width: 4.5cm

Handle height: 4cm
Handle Material:PVC

Overall width: 6cm
Overall height: 6cm
Weight: 45g

This is a PVC (Non-Animal) Synthetic Bristle Knuckle Brush. Firm Bristle Resistance works good for Thicker Hair.

This brush is great for giving a quick brush in between clipper passes, or for personal hair care. The loop design allows for cupping in the inside of the hand, wrapping around the outside of fingers to allow hand for full function while worker or simply use the loop as a handle.

Can be used as a clipper brush as well


- allows user to hold brush on the knuckles while both hands are occupied
- can be used gently to brush hair away from customer's scalp or neck during haircut
- can be used as a clipper brush