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Modern Pirate - Superior Hair Pomade



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3.4oz | 100ml

Superior Hair Pomade

Mild Coconut Scent, Strong Hold, Dull Shine

*Does not come with treasure map

Made in Australia 


Hailing from Australia - not piratebay - is the NEW Modern Pirate Pomade. 

Makes no bones about it- there's no need to walk the plank to get yourself one of these.
A strong hold and light feel (like your good ol' bottle o' rum) and a mild tobacco leaf scent,
the pomade will leave you plundering the ladies' hearts. 

More from the brand:

Our barber grade Superior Pomade is designed to blend into and rinse out of hair easily, this water-based pomade is formulated to provide a strong hold with a light feel. Flexibility and hold strength can be easily adjusted by the amount of water in your hair and can also be reactivated and re-styled with a small amount of water throughout the day. For a lighter hold use a small amount on damp hair while stronger holds can be achieved using a generous  amount on dry hair. Create that classic Australian style with our Superior Pomade so you can cut loose and keep it together.