Set contains : 

  • Rockwell Razors - T2 Razor
  • Rockwell Razors - Inkwell Razor Stand

Model : T2

The Rockwell Model T is a premium adjustable safety razor, offering unparalleled versatility for a truly remarkable shaving experience. Featuring a one of a kind adjustable dial to reduce the blade gap and exposure, controlling the comfort and closeness of your shave.

The Razor
The Model T features a simple, intuitive and one-of-a-kind adjustable dial to allow for a close, comfortable shave for any skin type and facial hair length. Simply twist the dial to change the blade gap and exposure and control the comfort and closeness of your shave.

Adjustable to any skin or hair type
The Rockwell Model T provides six shave settings to ensure anyone can redefine the closeness and smoothness of their shave. Lower settings (between 1-2) are for shaving sensitive areas and are the perfect place to start a seamless transition from cartridge razor shaving with no nicks, cuts or discomfort. Intermediate settings (between 2-4) are great for regular shaving and for shaving your head or legs. Higher settings (between 4-6) are for shaving thick, coarse or curly hair.


  • Smooth and easy twist-to-open blade-loading.
  • Fluidly adjustable shave settings to suit your skin type and facial hair length - just twist the dial for your perfect shave.
  • Strengthened internal assembly making it the most durable and damage-resistant than any Rockwell razor.
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide.
  • Eliminates the skin irritation and razor bumps caused by multi-blade cartridge systems
  • An aesthetically appealing, performance guaranteed, ultimate safety razor 
    • Material: Brass, stainless steel, chromed zinc alloy
    • Razor Weight: 101 grams
    • Razor Length: 95mm (3.74 inches)
    • Handle Length: 89mm (3.5 inches)
    • Compatible Blades: Any brand of double-edge razor blades
    • Adjustability: Fluidly adjustable shave settings from R1 to R6 (and anything in between!)