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Edwin Jagger - 4pc set, Gillette® Mach3® razor, shaving brush, imitation ebony, pure badger with stand and soap bowl, chrome plated


- Imitation ebony Mach3 razor
- Matching pure badger shaving brush
- Chrome plated stand, with bowl
- One Mach3 blade
- Great quality and excellent value for money

This shaving set, comprises a Gillette Mach3 razor, pure badger shaving brush and a chrome plated metal stand with shaving soap bowl
Using the good quality Edwin Jagger soap and shaving brush you will be able to whip up a thick, soft shaving lather.
The Gillette Mach3 blade system is still by far the most popular modern shaving blade and will guarantee a safe, close shave. Replacement Gillette Mach3 blades are available to buy in most major supermarkets and chemists.

A smart gift for all occasions.

- Convenient set to hold all shaving tools needed for luxurious shave
- Great quality and value for money

Simple shave
- Spread choice of shave cream evenly on damp skin over the area to be shaved
- Massage gently in circular motion around the area
- Shave with razor

Thorough shave
- Soak Shave brush in warm water
- On clean and dry skin, apply pre-shave oil/lotion to area to be shaved
- Using the pre-soaked shave brush, gently shake off excess water, lather a small amount of shave cream in shave bowl / mug / palms
(or directly on the area to be shaved)
- Spread lather onto area to be shaved
- Shave with razor
- Rinse skin with clean water, dry with towel
- Apply after shave lotion / splash / balm