Uppercut Deluxe - Salt Spray & Styling Tin Duos, Matte Pomade

$54.00 $46.00


Perfect your style with the Salt Spray & Styling Tin Duo.

Containing a can of our Salt Spray and a tin of your favorite styling product. is duo has everything you need to get your hair in check. Salt Spray is a weightless, liquid product that gives light control for a relaxed, textured hold while maintaining a natural finish. Packaged up in a spray paint style can, rattle and all.


Use individually in dry hair to create a casual finish or alternatively, apply to damp hair to act as a pre-styling primer for extra volume and added control when blow drying. Salt Spray was designed specially to pair with our styling products to help add extra volume and control.

To pair these products, lightly spray your hair with Salt Spray and blow dry into place.
Next, take a scoop of your preferred styling product and take advantage of the extra volume and control, rake the product through your hair and style as desired.