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Arctic Monkeys - Humbug (Vinyl LP)




A1 My Propeller 3:27
A2 Crying Lightning 3:43
A3 Dangerous Animals 3:30
A4 Secret Door 3:43
A5 Potion Approaching 3:32
B1 Fire And The Thud 3:57
B2 Cornerstone 3:17
B3 Dance Little Liar 4:43
B4 Pretty Visitors 3:40
B5 The Jeweller's Hands 5:42

Humbug,' the 3rd album from Sheffield's Arctic Monkeys finds the band brimming with vim, vigor and new ideas.

Into a new studio in the desert after 2 years, the AMs team with Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) in the producers chair to deliver another great album, possibly their best to date. The lyric style and subjects remain the same but the delivery and musical envelope have matured and expanded adding weight and a welcome breath of unpredictability. Judging by the quality of the song writing, the AMs could've easily tossed off another record like their debut or FWN, but instead they take more of a "been there done that" approach and explore other influences and moods to expand their sound. The result is unmistakably AMs, but indeed the Hommes' influence is heard and it works very well. The album is a fantastic grower that over time reveals judicious sonic layering, some of their strongest melodies, interesting and less typical beats, and overall more ambitious song execution.

Fans can appreciate that the Dylan-esque social commentary-through-storytelling is still there, further defined in soulful ballads like Cornerstone.

Humbug, then, is the Arctic Monkey's sonic coming-of-age record. It's immensely listenable and quite brilliant, although it hasn't gotten the right kind of media attention this time around because it doesn't comply with our preconceived notions about the band, and because change is not always welcomed. We for sure, are thoroughly enjoying the darker textures, weirder lyrics and harder orientation.