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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Bring Us Together [LP]


Tracklist: A1 Bring Us Together 4:19 A2 Navigator 5:09 A3 My Club 3:48 A4 Get Connected 3:44 A5 Choke It 5:13 B1 Hurricane 4:12 B2 Rock The Ride 4:12 B3 I Am The Mountain 5:31 B4 Zombies 4:48 B5 X...



A1 Bring Us Together 4:19 
A2 Navigator 5:09 
A3 My Club 3:48 
A4 Get Connected 3:44 
A5 Choke It 5:13 
B1 Hurricane 4:12 
B2 Rock The Ride 4:12 
B3 I Am The Mountain 5:31 
B4 Zombies 4:48 
B5 X 3:42

Danish pop group The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have returned with a spacey but still danceable, musical collage that breaks new ground for them and still sticks to their signature style.

The duo of singer Mette Lindberg and instrumentalist Lars Iversen makes evocative electronic music that is made warmer by Lindberg’s delightful singing voice. That dark, soulfully weird vocals accompanied by alien voices offering a message of hope, to the final track “X” and its Blade Runner-like feeling, space is the place for The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

Quite experimental with swirly synths and Lindberg’s powerful vocals drive in “I Am The Mountain,” which features the wonderful line, “I’ve been chasing unicorns since the day that I was born” which will make somebody a lovely tattoo someday.

Possibly one of our best kept secret albums and of course we want you to have a listen.