Baroness - Red Album [2LP] (Red Vinyl)


Tracklist A1 Rays On Pinion A2 The Birthing B1 Isak B2 Wailing Wintry Wind B3 Cockroach En Fleur C1 Wanderlust C2 Aleph C3 Teeth Of A Cogwheel D1 O' Appalachia D2 Grad Red Album is the first...

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A1 Rays On Pinion 
A2 The Birthing

B1 Isak 
B2 Wailing Wintry Wind 
B3 Cockroach En Fleur

C1 Wanderlust 
C2 Aleph 
C3 Teeth Of A Cogwheel

D1 O' Appalachia 
D2 Grad

Red Album is the first LP released by the progressive metal band Baroness. Red Album was named Album of the Year by heavy metal magazine Revolver. The music video for "Wanderlust" debuted on December 8, 2007 on Headbangers Ball.