Beastie Boys - Check Your Head [2LP]


Tracklist: Jimmy James    Funky Boss    Pass The Mic    Gratitude    Lighten Up    Finger Lickin' Good    So What'cha Want    The Biz Vs The Nuge    Time For Livin'    Something's Got To Give    The Blue Nun    Stand Together    Pow    The Maestro    Groove Holmes    Live At P.J.'s    Mark On The Bus    Professor Booty    In...

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Jimmy James    
Funky Boss    
Pass The Mic    
Lighten Up    
Finger Lickin' Good    
So What'cha Want    
The Biz Vs The Nuge    
Time For Livin'    
Something's Got To Give    
The Blue Nun    
Stand Together    
The Maestro    
Groove Holmes    
Live At P.J.'s    
Mark On The Bus    
Professor Booty    
In 3's    

Everybody knows this is an amazing album. This review and rating is for the remaster. The sound on these records is incredible. There was a lot of love put into this re-release.

With regards to the music, we feel this recording has a lot of cross genre experimentation, probably less of a pure rap feeling than some of their other recordings. Suffice it to say, if you like the Beastie Boys, this is probably going to be high on your list of favorites. Highly recommended.